Last updated on Saturday November 01, 2008

Is. 49:8 Thus says Jehovah, In an acceptable time I have answered You, And in a day of salvation I have helped You; And I will preserve You and give You for a covenant of the people, To restore the land, to apportion the desolate inheritances,

Always rejoice, Unceasingly pray, In everything give thanks.

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Updated History:

12/22/07 Another closing was done today.
12/05/07 I will update daily verse here. For most other updates, please view my blog
11/08/07 Zestimate Your House Value (Provided by Joyce)
11/04/07 Chinese Painting
11/03/07 Test Your English Level
11/02/07 My 6th grade teacher. He is 85 years now. We have not seen each other for 40 years. What a blessing!
11/01/07 Mom is in ICU. Please pray for her recovery. Photos can be seen at my blog.
10/23/07 Searching Online for Real Estate
10/08/07 World Tour (Provided by George), displayed in Chinese fonts.
09/28/07 Another closing was done today.
09/25/07 I can't believe my eyes!
09/24/07 Aquada, A Car Can Run on Water!
09/22/07 US Foreclosure Rates
09/18/07 Growing China
09/13/07 My YouTube Link Or, simply search for GoNowGPS at YouTube.
09/08/07 Airline Safety Ranking
09/05/07 Another closing was done today.
09/02/07 Jehovah is my Shepherd (Psalm 23)
09/01/07 Matthew 6:10 - 6:13
08/31/07 Another closing was done today.
08/31/07 Another closing was done today.
08/30/07 Thanks for sharing the enjoyments (Provided by Julia & Victor)
08/27/07 Psalm 23 MIDI and Lyrics (Please right click to save the MIDI file and then play the MIDI file.)
08/26/07 World Clock (Provided by Mary)
08/23/07 Another closing was done today.
07/24/07 Click National Do Not Call Registry and Register Your Home and Mobile Phone Number.
07/14/07 Skateboarding Bulldog
07/11/07 The ABC's of Life (Provided by George)
07/10/07 Amazing Painter! Watch till the end...It is worth the wait.
06/13/07 Amazing Table Tennis!?
06/12/07 Never Give Up
06/11/07 Airbus A380
06/08/07 Protest for Property Tax
06/07/07 When are you coming home? A 6 year old Heather Martin sings to her brother, Shaun, who is serving in Iraq.
06/06/07 Funny Photos (Provided by George)
06/03/07 Complete Stop and Then Turn
06/02/07 Microsoft Surface! Can you catch up?
06/01/07 Water Dance (Provided by George)
05/24/07 Limited One Drink Per Person (Provided by Sunny)
05/18/07 What a twin! Born on 1/23/93 and reborn on 5/18/07.
05/11/07 Welcome to Taiwan
05/04/07 Mission Impossible?
05/01/07 Mission Accomplished?
04/25/07 Make your next vacation to Taiwan
04/13/07 12-Must for Man (Provided by Cathy)
04/08/07 Hallelujah for Being Baptized into the Triune God!
04/07/07 Expanding Table
03/05/07 A reply to a letter asking for a raise (Provided by Christine)
02/15/07 A Brilliant Idea? (Provided by Cathy)
02/13/07 Think Differently (Provided by Mary)
02/08/07 Lety and Sigi welcomed their little Angel Camarillo. He weighed 6.13 oz, 19 inches long and was born on 2/7/07 @ 11:27 pm.
02/01/07 The price for LOVE!
12/21/06 Add Lam Lee Group Photos
12/16/06 is running and already received online orders. A good start!
12/15/06 Family went back to Asia. No updates until 01/03/07. Happy Holidays!
11/28/06 Mary Lo's Achievement. Give Glory to God!
11/27/06 John Lo's Achievement. Give Glory to God!
11/26/06 Uploaded GPS demo with I-Go software in English.
11/20/06 Rewrote the GPS Page
11/10/06 Think Differently (Provided by Naomi)
11/07/06 What to do after you lost your cell phone? (Provided by Guoping)
09/20/06 Add new photos.
09/15/06 One more receiving Him!
08/29/06 Black Humor (Provided by Sunny)
08/28/06 Seven Decisions for Success
08/27/06 What Excel can do? a. Open this Excel file. b. Change Row Height to 15.3 c. Change Column Width to 2 d. Wow! (Provided by Sunny)
08/26/06 Jajah --- Another Brilliant Idea! (Provided by Hua-Gang)
08/25/06 Another closing was done today.
08/08/06 John Lo's Achievements
07/27/06 Funny Cartoons. Sorry, all are in Chinese. (Provided by Sunny)
07/26/06 These are Parallel Lines. To see is to believe? (Provided by Sunny)
07/22/06 Cathy and Mary will be back on 8/14/06. We will wait for them back to keep reading the book of 2nd Chronicles. Meanwhile, John and I will read Life-Study of Acts.
07/19/06 A handy conversion tool (Provided by Hua-Gang)
07/15/06 Another closing was done today.
07/10/06 Bid for HUD Homes
07/08/06 Some advices for home sellers.
07/05/06 Some advices for home buyers.
06/28/06 Another closing was done today.
06/27/06 Add a toll free fax number: 800-875-1698
06/26/06 John will be in Chicago for 3 weeks. We will wait for him back to keep reading the book of 2nd Chronicles. Meanwhile, Naomi, Mary and us are reading the book of Acts. Although the update for pray-read verse will be stopped until John's back. We are still in reading His word which is our daily spiritual food to keep our divine life growing unto maturity.
06/25/06 GPS Demonstration:    Chinese      Spanish      English      French
06/19/06 Find, Access, Share files anywhere. (Provided by Jackson)
06/18/06 Fax Service at $4.95/month. (Provided by Jackson)
06/17/06 Free, simple and secure access to your computer from anywhere. (Provided by Jackson)
06/16/06 All About Your Health --- Sorry, this article is in Chinese. (Provided by Xiuling)
06/15/06 Believe it or not? A Hippo-faced Turtle? (Provided by Sunny)
06/14/06 A new way to think of "enforce" --- Sorry, this article is in Chinese. (Provided by Xiuling)
06/07/06 Sand Fantasy (Provided by Xiuling)
06/06/06 Another closing was done today.
05/25/06 Protest for Property Tax
05/23/06 My first yard sign and me
05/18/06 My first listing
05/17/06 This site is better than Google Earth. See my house bird's view to prove.
05/16/06 Mortgage Mess

Ten Steps for Maintaining Foundations (Provided by Arch Foundation Repair)

04/16/06 Two gospel friends were baptized and two Sisters were re-baptized.
04/10/06 I am now also a Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO)
04/05/06 10 Most Frequent Seen House Problems
04/04/06 Add a Property Search Link
03/28/06 Another closing was done today.
03/25/06 Add a new column "The more you learn; The more you earn."
03/20/06 If you view the video clip at my web site online, the Internet Explorer might unexpectedly quits approximately 50 to 60 seconds after the content playback starts. This error was likely caused by Windows Media Player. You might check this Microsoft article to do a hotfix to solve this annoying problem.
03/19/06 Chinese Hymn Not a Waste
03/18/06 Add more photos into the folder of Irving, 2006.
03/17/06 The Holy Bible (Old & New Testament, English & Chinese, Recovery Version, Scripts Only, No Footnotes)
03/14/06 Passed the 320-hour Home Inspection Course with a score of 99. Hallelujah! I have finished the educational requirement for total 448 hours. (11/20/05, 90 Hours Score 97; 11/23/05, 38 Hours Score 95 and 03/14/06, 320 Hour Score 99)
03/12/06 Chinese Hymn The Definition of Love
03/12/06 Passed CPO (Certified Pool Operator) test with a score of 96. Acceptable level is 75.
03/03/06 Psalms 118:8
02/26/06 2nd time to take a prep test for home inspection and fail. Out of 150 questions, the acceptable level is having 120 answered correct. This time I did 117 (Last time on 12/3/05, I only did 90.) It is improving!
02/22/06 Chinese Hymn The Uniqueness of Lord's Recovery
02/21/06 Update my contact information.
02/20/06 Best Hymn Site I ever found!
02/16/06 Photos Year 2006 International Chinese-Speaking Conference
02/15/06 Video Clip Year 2006 International Chinese-Speaking Conference
02/14/06 I am now also a licensed Loan Officer in Texas.
01/25/06 Think Twice B4 Kiss
01/15/06 Animal Lovers
01/13/06 We lost a dear friend, Dewey.
01/13/06 A Living Testimony and A New Born Baby, Evan Wang
01/12/06 Bush & Blair
01/04/06 Tiny Helicopter

North Central Texas Council of Governments

01/02/06 Baptize (20060101) and Irving, TX
01/01/06 Be Thankful. (Provided by Sofia)
12/29/05 A Magic Show
12/26/05 Add photos for Shaoxing, Halloween, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and Mary's Birthday.
12/25/05 Add photos for Baptize (20050808) and Baptize (200500909). Redesign the Baptize page. 
12/21/06 More pictures added for Fossil Rim
12/17/06 Click to see some funny stuff. Highly recommended are Big Box Mart and Year-End Round-Up.
12/14/05 Chopstick (Provided by Hua-Gang)
12/07/05 Seasons Greeting (Provided by Xiuling)
12/03/05 Take a prep test for home inspection and fail. Out of 150 questions, the acceptable level is having 120 answered correct. I only did 90. Lots of room for me to improve.
12/02/05 Traffic Count Information System
12/01/05 In less than 4 days, I help my client find the property, sign the lease agreement and move in the property today. We have seen total 14 properties in less than 2 days!
11/30/05 Magic Burger (Provided by Hua-Gang)
11/29/05 Another closing was done today.
11/23/05 Passed the 38 classroom hours of core inspector education with a score of 95
11/22/05 Passed the SAE (Salesperson Annual Education) test with a score of 98. The 30-hour course is Brokerage. Cost is $155
11/21/05 Passed the SAE (Salesperson Annual Education) test with a score of 98. The 30-hour course is Residential Inspection. Cost is $155
11/20/05 Passed the 90 classroom hours of core inspector education with a score of 97
11/17/05 Unbelievable (Provided by Hua-Gang)
11/17/05 Best Picture of The Year (Provided by Sunny)
11/15/05 Drinking from a saucer (Provided by Susan)
11/10/05 The basic structure of a house
11/07/05 Passed the SAE (Salesperson Annual Education) test with a score of 98. The 30-hour course is Marketing II. Cost is $155
11/07/05 How soon do you want to sell?
11/06/05 Credit-Related Glossary
11/04/05 Home Inspection Glossary
11/04/05 Take the class for Home Inspection (Cost is $3,350)
11/03/05 Realtors that can speak other foreign languages
11/02/05 Notary and submit the application for loan officer. (Cost is $234)
11/01/05 Add Photos Guilin, Shanghai, Xitang and The One Thousand Island Lake.
10/31/05 Passed the state exam for loan officer.

Install this special font so as to correctly display and print as a check box in some PDF files.

10/29/05 Passed the prep test with a score of 83 (Acceptable level is 70)
10/28/05 Register for the prep test. Cost is $90
10/27/05 Bought more textbook, CD and flash card. Cost is $85.50
10/26/06 Schedule the state exam ($42) and finger print ($17.50) with Promissor online.
10/26/05 Taking the 3-day (30 hours) class for loan officer. Cost is $145
10/21/05 Video Clip Friday vs. Monday
10/11/05 Add Photos Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, Texas.
10/05/05 My first real estate transaction was done today.
10/02/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (11)
09/25/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (10)
09/18/05 Video Clip Bear Fight
09/11/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (9)
09/04/05 Video Clip Zebra
09/01/05 Texas Public School Ranking (provided by Janny)
08/31/05 Starting to create a new site
08/28/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (8)
08/21/05 Video Clip Motorcycle's Names (provided by Hua-Gang)
08/14/05 Video Clip Crazy Landing
06/19/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (7)
06/12/05 Video Clip Fishing
06/05/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (6)
06/01/05 Passed the Examination for Texas Real Estate Salesperson
05/29/05 Video Clip Golf
05/22/05 Video Clip Jet Blast
05/16/05 Congratulations! Sparky and Lily have 10 puppies, 5 boys and 5 girls. Lily delivered the 10 puppies from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on 5/16/05 (Monday).
05/15/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (5)
05/08/05 Video Clip Don't Brand Horses
05/01/05 Video Clip HP
04/25/05 Interesting Vision Illusions (Provided by Sunny and John)
04/24/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (4)
04/22/05 Test your English level. (Sorry, you need to be able to read Chinese first.)
04/19/05 Estimate how long you can live. (Sorry, questions are presented in Chinese.)
04/17/05 Video Clip Bullfight
04/10/05 Video Clip F-14 Tomcat (2), a vapor cloud surrounding the transonic aircraft. This video dose not have sound.
04/06/05 A math trick to get people's phone number (provided by Mary)
04/03/05 Video Clip F-14 Tomcat (1)
03/29/05 Add Video Clip area
03/28/05 Free Software to File Your Tax Return (provided by Hua-Gang)
03/27/05 Add Uncommon Chinese words in Bible
03/25/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (3)
03/21/05 Add Spring Break Photos
03/18/05 Video Clip Magic Mirror
03/16/05 Ways to Prevent Identity Fraud
03/12/05 Add Gospel in Chinese
03/11/05 Add Chinese Hymns
03/10/05 Add photos for Year 2005.
01/30/05 Add links to my friends' web sites.
01/28/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (2)
01/14/05 Video Clip Poor Bear (1)
01/11/05 2004 Winter Training Banner Song in Chinese
01/03/05 New Year's Eve
12/31/04 #1 Uncle? I hope so.
12/31/04 Add pictures taken in Los Angeles.
12/24/04 Add pictures taken in San Francisco.
12/21/04 Add pictures taken in Fremont.
12/14/04 Check the popularity of your first name. James is most popular male name in USA (1/30). Thanks for Pam's input.
11/26/04 Two more believers were added to the Lord.
11/25/04 Add some Thanksgiving pictures.
11/24/04 Check the popularity of your first name. Mary is most popular female name in USA (1/38). John is the 2nd most popular male name in USA (1/30). Which male name is even more popular than John? Please let us know.
11/22/04 Thanks for all your feedback. From now on, enlarged photos can only be viewed by permission. Please contact us for your username and password.
11/19/04 Add Adoption under First Time.
11/18/04 Font lovers, check this out!
11/10/04 Add Back Up Your Data! under First Time.
11/02/04 Add USA Presidential Vote in 2004 under First Time.
11/01/04 Add Find a church under Links.
10/31/04 Add church in Irving phone list, Chinese speaking. (Require User Name and Password to download). Please Contact us to get your User Name and Password.
10/31/04 Add Practice Table under Download.
10/29/04 Updated folder Baptize. Hallelujah! Another sinner was repented, baptized, regenerated and saved.
10/29/04 Add Halloween under Photo, 2004.