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Become a Real Estate Salesperson:












City, State

Lo, Robert Bing 0537130 Salesperson Active 6/30/2006 Beam Real Estate LLC Dallas, TX
06/03/05 Join MetroTex Association of Realtors. Application fee $100; Keycard Lease $100; Keycard fee to 12/31/05 $146.68; MLS access fee to 9/30/05 $150.83; Membership fee to 12/31/05 $191.83. Total cost is $689.34
06/03/05 Mail Broker's Sponsorship Form and a $20.00 fee to TREC
06/03/05 Received the License Number.
06/01/05 Passed the state exam with score of 79 on National and 90 on Texas.
05/31/05 Received the employment contract from the broker for review and sign.
05/27/05 Paid $59.00 online at to schedule the test on 06/01/05
05/25/05 Paid $79.50 online at for the Application for Salesperson License
05/25/05 Interview the other four brokers. Up to now, total seven brokers have been interviewed.
05/24/05 Job touring with the second broker
05/23/05 Interview the third broker
05/21/05 Interview the second broker
05/19/05 Done the 2nd Prep Test with score of 94 on National and 93 on Texas.
05/15/05 Passed Prep Test with score of 75 on National and 80 on Texas.
05/13/05 Mail copy of certificates, form and a $20.00 fee to TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) for approving the educational documents.
05/12/05 Done with the Law of Agency
05/07/05 Done with Commercial Real Estate
05/05/05 Done with the Real Estate Principles II
04/30/05 Done with Real Estate Math
04/29/05 Interview the first broker
04/28/05 Done with the Law of Contracts
04/21/05 Done with the Real Estate Principles I
04/18/05 Start the 6 courses study. Of which, 4 will be done in class and 2 will be for home study. If you provide college transcript, you only need to take 4 courses instead of 6.
04/14/05 Registration done. Cost is US$912.00