Last updated on Sunday November 09, 2008

Is. 50:5 The Lord Jehovah has opened my ear; And I was not rebellious, Nor did I turn back.

Always rejoice, Unceasingly pray, In everything give thanks.

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I come to Thee, dear Lord,
my heart doth thirst for Thee;
Of Thee I'd eat, of Thee I'd drink,
enjoy Thee thoroughly.

Just to behold Thy face,
for this my heart doth cry
I deeply long to drink of Thee
my thirst to satisfy.

Thy glorious, radiant face
my heart delights to see;
here I'd abide and ne'er depart,
beholding constantly.

In such a fellowship
Thou, Lord, art grace to me;
my heart and spirit gladdened, filled,
I enter rest in Thee.

Lord, I would linger here,
still seeking after Thee,
continue in the Word and prayer
till Thou dost flow thru me.