Last updated on Sunday November 09, 2008

Is. 50:5 The Lord Jehovah has opened my ear; And I was not rebellious, Nor did I turn back.

Always rejoice, Unceasingly pray, In everything give thanks.

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Give up the world, Christ to obtain,
He is your heart's very need;
What else can you desire or seek?
All things are empty indeed!

He is so rich, He is so full,
He can fulfill all your needs!
He is so good, He is so sweet,
All your desire He exceeds!

Give up the world, Christ to obtain,
He is the One you require;
Once you receive this glorious Christ,
Never the rest you'll desire.

Though very great is all the world,
And very small is your heart,
Yet the great world with all its wealth
Never can fill your small heart.

If you have Christ, you have all joys;
Without this Christ, only pains;
Where there is Christ there morning is;
Where He is not, night remains.