Last updated on Sunday November 09, 2008

Is. 50:5 The Lord Jehovah has opened my ear; And I was not rebellious, Nor did I turn back.

Always rejoice, Unceasingly pray, In everything give thanks.

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Earthen vessel I was made,
Christ in me the treasure laid;
His container I must be,
As the content He in me.

In His image I was made,
Fit that Christ should all pervade;
Thus the vessel God did form
With the content uniform.

In my spirit He remains,
With His power He sustains;
As the Spirit one with me,
He is my reality.

Moving in me day by day,
Mingling with me all the way,
All my steps He regulates,
Every part He saturates.

Him expressing from within,
Making Him to others seen,
I transparent have to be
That He may be shown thru me.

Transformation is my need,
To be broken more indeed,
That the clay may change in form,
To the treasure to conform.